Marketing metrics handbook for startups and small businesses

Over a 45-day research, we asked 112 startup and small business marketers what their top marketing metrics were. The research findings were condensed into a report which helped us decide the metrics we wanted to track internally.


Introducing our webinar series: how to get your first 100 paying customers

In a 20-episode webinar series, Team Alore will reach out to industry stalwarts and visionaries to talk about how they got their first 100 paying customers. Each episode will be a candid conversation delving into the experience of the Guest on how they started and became the success they are!

Episode 1 with Sidney Minassian

About Sidney: 

Sidney Minassian is a serial tech entrepreneur with over 25 years of international experience. He is the Founder of Contexti, a Big Data analytics firm and Sales Native. Sidney is an international Keynote Speaker and panellist. Sidney is also an experienced facilitator and Strategic Advisor to business owners and CXOs and has worked with over 100 businesses across Asia Pacific, USA and Europe, advising them on innovation, new ventures, go-to-market strategy and business growth.

Episode 2 with Scott Sambucci

About Scott: 

Scott Sambucci is the founder of SalesQualia, a firm that helps people improve sales performance. He is also the author of an excellent book, Startup Selling: How to sell if you really, really have to and don’t know how. He has extensive experience in sales, customer development, and company management in both startups and public-traded companies. 


Hacking LinkedIn for sales teams - A masterclass on LinkedIn lead generation!

This 13-page cheat sheet will help salespeople on lead generation strategies for LinkedIn.


Episode 4 & 5: How to get your first 100 paying customers

In a 20-episode webinar series, Team Alore will reach out to industry stalwarts and visionaries to talk about how they got their first 100 paying customers. Each episode will be a candid conversation delving into the experience of the Guest on how they started and became the success they are!

Episode 4 with Ran Margaliot

About Ran: 

Ran Margaliot, CTO, and Co-founder of, a relationship management platform for Twitter which was started in 2010. Ran is very active in the Israeli startup scene and beside his role at, he is the CTO in residence of TheHive (one of Israel’s leading accelerator), a Google launchpad mentor and an advisor to several early-stage startups. Ran is also heading the Twitter developers’ community leader in Israel.

Episode 5 with Ruslan Nazarenko

About Ruslan: 

Ruslan Nazarenko is the Founder and Chief Hustler at, a retargeting solution that helps you deliver your message to prospective customers across channels. He is one of the best marketing mentors in the current global tech startup scene. Ruslan is also a mentor at the Google Launchpad accelerator program and Brand Ambassador for Branch. In the past, he has been leading marketing at PiBox Music and Tapcore. He is an alumnus of the National Technical University of Ukraine.


Onboarding emails that convert - your guide to winning the onboarding battle

Team Alore surveyed 179 SaaS companies to analyse the recipe of a great onboarding email. We’d love to share our learning with you in this free to download Guidebook.


If you’re a new startup and you want your business to be around for the long-haul, then you better start thinking about Sales, paying customers, revenue, and cash flows.

If you’re not focussing on sales first thing, then you will encounter the ominous startup “valley of death” sooner than later. Worse still, you’ll raise a round of financing and disappear soon after.

Stop whatever Product thing you’re doing and ask yourself: “Does this increase Sales?” If not, move on.

What we can share with fellow founders on customer experience on nurturing relationships: Customer experience is just as Tom Knighton summarised — “the next competitive battleground where businesses will be won or lost”. With our initial foray in this direction, I have the following experience to share:

As a marketer, I often see the idea of community being hyped as the way into the future. In a way it is true, but to think of it as something “new” would be grossly incorrect. Communities have always been around for millennia. The concept of nations, regions, houses, and sororities in schools are an affirmation of the fact that humans have always wanted to bond stronger and meaningfully with others like them.


Your culture is your True North. It will guide you, when nothing else can. These are values that get you and your team where you want to be.

Because as entrepreneurs and leaders, we often are in that man’s shoes when we are dealing with the Butterflies — the new hires who join our teams- the fresh pass outs, the new interns in our companies or just somebody new to the industry.

and like I already said, I fumbled with the new hires in my early days of starting Plash, my first venture before Alore CRM.

I could narrow my own failure at onboarding new hires well to three things:

Company culture can be the surfboard of a business, helping it ride the exciting waves of evolving trends. It provides the necessary stability. Just like how The Rolling Stones have been rolling for 50 years and DreamWorks producing wonderful films year after year, culture is the glue that helps the best teams thrive.

Most companies take too long to define their culture. It took us four years—and an exponential learning curve—to define ours.


Conserving your attention and focus is as important as conserving your energy for the right things in life. It’s amongst the most valuable things in your life along with time, family and friends.

At Plash, we work six days a week.

I do love weekends, but not as much as I love Mondays.

I can’t recall a week in the past 8 years where I even remotely dreaded a single Monday.

The key is to love what you do and who you do it with.

You’re new, you’re smart, you’re passionate and bubbling with energy, and then startup life begins. While you thought entrepreneurship would be all about the product or service that you aim to provide, you suddenly need to figure out accounting, admin, sales, marketing, hiring and what not.

But here’s what — Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere.(Not my original quote btw)

Team Story

Running a startup is an intensive affair. You have bugs to fix; probably few months of runway left; processes need improvement; parents have no clue about what you’re up to; co-founders have quit; friends crib that you never have time; you need to do a new fundraise; clients are not paying; you’ve put on weight because there’s no time to exercise; you cannot afford a vacation for your anniversary because you have product releases; heck you probably don’t have enough money to afford it.

All this is real, but in the end, nothing is more important in life than your sanity and happiness.

An honest account of what it is to work at a pre-revenue stage, bootstrapped tech startup as Employee no 8 !! and what startup life teaches you for real

As if convincing the family wasn’t enough, some friends from B-School jumped in saying “you’ve got to be crazy to get into a bootstrapped(non-funded), pre-revenue startup!! “

Well I guess I was, or rather still am 😊 but hey, I love what I do!

I am excited to be sharing my thoughts on agency life, productivity, remote working and the trials and tribulations of being a digital entrepreneur. In this post, I just wanted to share my personal story and explain how I came to discover Alore, become a super fan and eventually join the team!