Prospect Persona Creator.

The Alore Prospect persona creator is a tool having a sequence of strategic questions around identifying your business’s ideal prospects. 

Designed by leading global sales consultants, the tool will help you create a life like persona of your potential paying customers to aid maximum conversion of your sales funnel.


Who should use it?

The prospect persona is for people who are focussed on identifying the right potential paying clients and increasing customer conversion rates.

Even if you have already decided on your ideal prospect persona, you might want to revisit it. In the process of formalizing your ideas about your ideal prospect, you are likely to discover new things about them and opportunities for your business.

Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) of less than 5 people teams wanting to triple their prospect pipeline
Founders of startup
Founders – who want to figure out their niche or verify their identified customer profiles
Sales managers
Sales managers – who want to qualify leads better and increase conversion rates
VP Sales
VP Sales – who need to strategize on what new personas to target and diversify portfolios

Understanding your potential customer is the first step toward ensuring a shorter sales cycle and a repeatable revenue stream

In 10-12 minutes, the exercise will give salespeople a deeper understanding of what customer profiles to target, common challenges faced, preferred communication channels of prospects and how they can pre-qualify leads for better conversion rates.

You will be able to answer questions like:

  • Who are the perfect customers ?
    This will stop you from looking for prospects in the wrong places.
  • What is the prospect’s role in his/her organization ?
    Salespeople will be able to understand if the prospect is a decision maker, advocate, influencer or detractor. Salespeople will be able to understand what extra they can add to their pitch to come across as attractive to the real decision maker(s)
  • What the prospect’s motivations are ?
    This will help salespeople in establishing a better connection that resonates with the prospect.
  • What are the prospect’s pain areas ?
    This will help you pitch your solution much better
  • What are the best channels to reach the prospect ?
    This will help salespeople reach out on channels where the prospect is most likely to receive them well.
    Depending on the perona’s preferences, salespeople can choose the best channels to reach out on and design effective resonating campaigns to convert the identified prospects.

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What do you get?

The Alore Prospect Persona creator will create and email you a semi fictional snapshot of your ideal customer in a shareable format.
This will form the foundation for salespeople to get together with their team and brainstorm on the reach out and engagement strategy.

Prospects Persona Sample

Use the Alore Prospect Persona Creator to add velocity
to your sales conversion cycle

Working on an incorrect prospect persona is a spray and pray strategy –  Resources wasted, time lost and poor conversion rates.

  • Right niche of potential paying customers
  • Right channels to reach out on
  • Right messaging to adopt
  • Right set of segments to target

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